Inquisition Mythic!

[CO] Dreadan Officer posted Aug 1, 17

Well that was fast :o GJ all

Harjatan Mythic!

[CO] Dreadan Officer posted Aug 1, 17

Great job all! only 7 more to go :P

Goroth Mythic!

[CO] Dreadan Officer posted Jul 25, 17

Nice job everyone! 8 more to go :P

Kil'jaeden Heroic! ^^

[CO] Dreadan Officer posted Jul 13, 17

Good job everyone! got there in the end :)

Star Augur Mythic! :D

[CO] Dreadan Officer posted May 31, 17

Finally! gj everyone as always ^^

[CO] Grimperson PogChamp Elisande we're coming for your butt :o
[CO] Skruttis Officer Congrats everyone! :)
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